About Us
The owners, Robin + Toby, are both sporties who appreciate all that Southern California has to offer. We're both avid cyclists, and we especially love road cycling here in the Coachella Valley. In short, we're “outdoors people” who love activities like walking in the neighborhoods and hiking in the nearby canyons.  And then, to add to that, we love to make and eat good food.....so that adds up to a happy combination.
Usually a “concierge service” is limited to guidance and selections of activities related to the arts or restaurants. And, sure, we can give you tips on these and help you with bookings. But we're happy to go beyond that and assist you with planning + equipment for many sports and activities in the region: golf, tennis, swimming, cycling --- both road + mountain biking, hiking and rock climbing. Remember there’s an average of 300 days of sunshine here! So we love super good weather, great food and good fun.....and we're anxious to show and share that love with our guests.
Call: #760-413-2675 or Text: #206-335-0509 for availability or questions.
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